Beanie Tapes

A tape label for the post-streaming age. ✨

Saving the world one tape at a time. ✨

Putting the fun back in fungible. ✨

Tapes are back. ✨

Confusing drive-time radio presenters since 2018. ✨

Sponsored by the sparkle emoji. ✨

Clicking on this doesn’t make it go faster. ✨

Between 5 and 20 songs in your pocket. ✨

Now with auto-reverse and MegaBass™️. ✨

OK you’ve seen them all now. ✨


the 🌍 is ending and i ❤️ u

Jack Goldstein
BEANIE016 (2022)

A 13-track hyper-pop exploration of love, loss, family and hope

Continuous Play 03

Various Artists
BEANIE015 (2021)

A third mix tape of Oxford bands.


BEANIE014 (2021)

Début EP of warm, soulful musical portraits by Jamie Hyatt (Family Machine) and friends

you are not a morning person

BEANIE012 (2021)

A life lived in reverse, told in beautiful creepy songs. Début album from LA’s Magana.


BEANIE011B (2021)

Julia-Sophie’s second EP. Intense emotional electronica, with a nod to experimental pop.


BEANIE011A (2020)

Julia-Sophie’s début EP. A deep and intense collection of left-field electronica with heart from the Candy Says singer.

Rodeo Queen

BEANIE010 (2019)

Anthems for humans from EB’s legendary but short-lived “La Croix” period.

Fantasy Living

Max Blansjaar
BEANIE009 (2019)

Intelligent lo-fi indie pop with guitars, synths and beats.

Continuous Play 02

Various Artists
BEANIE008 (2019)

A second mix tape of Oxford bands.


Jack Goldstein
BEANIE007 (2019)

An epic album of joyous outsider pop from Oxford’s most consistently inconsistent artist.

You Are Beautiful; We Are All Beautiful

Candy Says
BEANIE006 (2019)

Synth-pop hits from the band who brought you Beanie Tapes.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Jordan O’Shea
BEANIE005 (2018)

A lo-fi doo-wop horror-pop concept album for sad souls.

Continuous Play

Various Artists
BEANIE004 (2018)

A mix tape of Oxford bands.

Spit It Out!

Max Blansjaar
BEANIE003 (2018)

The first EP of lo-fi indie pop from Oxford’s boy genius.

Before The Cold Heart

Michael Fox
BEANIE002 (2018)

Chilled folk songs on a bed of lo-fi electronics.

Plug The Leads In

Premium Leisure
BEANIE001 (2018)

The first EP from the low-key Oxford supergroup.

Tapes are back

It’s time to get back to basics. Spotify took over and now nobody remembers what music used to be. Ok that’s a little dramatic but we can all agree it’s not looking good, right? If you’re a band starting out and don’t have many fans yet, or your music is interesting and doesn’t sit nicely on a background playlist, streaming is not your friend. It’s hard to know how to really get your music out there.

We believe that a physical release, however small, situates music in the real world. A tape release will be admired, discussed, collected, remembered, shared and treasured in a way that a digital album never will. That’s why we make small runs of tapes for bands we like.

We’re choosing to be small. We make 50 tapes (maximum) for most releases. We’ve started a Beanie Tapes Club subscription with a regular zine in the post and we’re focussing our efforts on building it up to 50 subscribers. We’ve spent a lot of money on press and promotion over the years, and we’re not doing that any more. Getting 50 tapes into the hands of people who love them means so much more than a première or a half-hearted blog mention.

If this sounds like something you’d be into, join us! Follow us on Instagram or Twitter, and check out our Internet Forum. All of our digital releases are name your price on Bandcamp, and if you buy or download one you’ll be added to our mailing list. If you’re a band, send us your music (ɯoɔ˙lᴉɐɯƃ@sǝdɐʇǝᴉuɐǝq)!