Tapes are back for the punksters and do it yourselfers; the indie music scene is awash with tape only labels that are re-establishing the format as an aesthetic and purposeful option for getting their (underground) band’s music heard. Now Oxford has joined the tape revolution.

Beanie Tapes is an independent label set up by production duo Ben and Jules of Oxford band Candy Says. The first and only Oxford based indie label that is releasing artists’ music exclusively on tape, the aim is to bring great musicians and artists together to record and release in a physical form that is fun, cool and viable.

Beanie Tapes joins a strong global tape scene that is getting music out to fans quickly and cost effectively. Recording and releasing on tape is easy and practical, you can create as many tapes as you like in one run and if they sell well it’s simple to make more copies. With costs nice and low Ben and Jules are able to say “yes” to the artists that they really want to work with regardless of commercial viability. They value creativity and artistic exposure over profits and aim to get music recorded and released in a way that benefits both artists and fans.

It’s not about making masses of money, it’s not about catapulting bands to mainstream super stardom. Beanie Tapes is about keeping things local and intimate, bringing people together and helping musicians to get their music out there. It’s an ambitious project without any lofty ambitions.

Ben and Jules have a wealth of knowledge and experience in both the mainstream, big label music industry (their first band was signed to Island Records) and the indie music scenes in the UK, Europe and the States. They have the know how and expertise to advise on all aspects of writing, recording and releasing music and have a commitment to artists and fans that is personal, professional and all about making great music.


We’re happy to accept submissions. Email beanietapes@gmail.com with your music and some info about the artist/project. Unreleased music only please! We promise to listen to everything and reply within a week or so. — Jules & Ben