Julia Walker, founder of Oxford art collective and band Candy Says, is a force to be reckoned with. When the UK voted to leave the EU she reacted with passion, power and creativity. With her husband Ben she created a whole new direction for Candy Says. “Brexitwave” had them experimenting with pop music and electronica, although rather than using a laptop Ben plays 60s-sounding Mellotron alongside his 1980s Roland JUNO and has created a poppy, electronic sound that is authentically analogue. Flanked by a flashing raised bass drum, he sits in a retro futuristic musical spaceship, his beats and textures supporting Julia’s unique and mesmerising vocals.

This indietronica sound harnessed the pain, anger and fear they felt about the seismic shifts happening in British politics. The atmosphere outside was pretty bleak but Julia wrote and sang her way through it, creating the most intensely emotional and intimate songs. As the dust has settled politically so too has the mood of Candy Says. Their latest offerings are more hopeful, dreamlike and apolitical.

Candy Says recently set up Oxford’s first indie tape label, inspiring a new wave of alternative indie pop musicians. The future looks bright for this inspiring collective of like minded spirits – the artists, the outsiders, the dreamers.

Candy Says are working on a new EP.