Candy Says is the ever-evolving art project of Julia and Ben Walker, the founders of Beanie Tapes. After a lo-fi chic pop début album (“Pop music for people who don’t listen to the radio” —GoldFlakePaint) the band disappeared, surfacing only to write the score for Burn Burn Burn (2015). In 2016 they emerged again as a two-piece with an emotional, atmospheric sound they called “Brexitwave”. After recording 26 unreleased versions of the same song they decided the Brexitwave sound wasn’t meant to be captured in the studio and moved on to their current incarnation.

The 2019 version of Candy Says (now a 3-piece, with Silke Blansjaar on drums) is a powerhouse of catchy electro-pop tunes and energetic dream-pop vibes tied together by a stunning voice (“against serious competition, possibly the best singer in Oxford” — Nightshift Magazine). The band’s EP launch show at the Bullingdon was a sell-out, and they were picked to play the main stage at Truck Festival. And amid all of this they somehow found the time to record two songs for the Netflix Original Close (2019), which have racked up almost a million streams each after hitting the Shazam charts worldwide.

Candy Says’ latest EP You Are Beautiful; We Are All Beautiful was released offline (cassette only) in November 2018 and sold out twice over within a week. The third edition of the tape (also sold out) was released along with the digital EP in June 2019, and includes the extra song Beautiful Feeling from the Close soundtrack.