For Julia-Sophie, music is a point of endless return: it’s in her blood. After years of playing in a rock band and, more recently, dream pop collective Candy Says, supporting everyone from Debbie Harry to Idles and The Japanese House, Julia-Sophie has finally found her hullabaloo within the storm. Earning her place in the avant-pop sisterhood of FKA Twigs, Grimes, Half-Waif and Natasha Kahn, Julia-Sophie’s palette is a mix of the hot, liquid, cool and electric: she sings of desire and loss, control and release. These are songs about finding truth from pain; her French heritage and songwriter roots incline her towards the philosophical, melodic and pensive.

The songs from Julia-Sophie’s forthcoming EP, Y? (‘x0x’, ‘I Left You’ and ‘Breathe’), form partial translations of the depths we struggle to say, the struggles and blisses that rub against language. For all her spectral vocals, ethereal refrains and glimmering synths, there’s something earthy and intimate here: a determinism and passion for process that’s all her own, in the click of a vintage drum-machine. Released on cassette via Oxford-based indie label Beanie Tapes, Julia-Sophie’s debut solo EP is her self-confessed ‘heart in a tape’. And it feels like there’s still so much to unravel.

Hypnotic, seductive,… a philosophical rumination — HighClouds

With ‘x0x’ Julia-Sophie has carved an intriguing entry point to a world well worth exploring
 — Balloon Machine

Cool and twisted in equal measures – this is an exciting debut release
 — Secret Meeting

A pulse-racing, retro-futuristic vision and her riveting, intelligent solo-debut single
 — The Autumn Roses