Max Blansjaar’s début EP Spit it Out! is a riotous mix of fuzzy guitars, energetic beats and unexpected samples that feels fresh and exciting. This handful of raw, lo-fi tracks were recorded and mixed in the music room at school during his lunch breaks and free periods. At fifteen years old, Max isn’t hanging around: there are songs to write and you can tell he’s loving every minute of it. Max has spent the last ten years playing classical piano but after picking up the guitar about a year ago he started creating music that has a much more DIY, experimental edge; think Darwin Deez, tUnE-yArDs or Franz Ferdinand rather than Mozart or Handel.

In Spit It Out! Max is really embodying the indie-punk ethic; this isn’t background music, he wants his listeners to feel something. His songs grab our attention and remind us that no matter how old, we are all still just trying to make sense of everything. Max’s songs are a spirited expression of those feelings; without being self-conscious, he’s spitting out what he wants to say and we are listening.

Spit It Out! was released on Cassette Store Day 2018 (13 October) with a launch gig at Truck Store.