We Had – the music video

When we finished recording We Had with Michael Fox, we knew we had to make a video for it. The atmosphere of the track instantly inspired visual ideas. So we talked to Chris Butler, a director we had recently met through another film project, and asked if he would be interested in making it.

Chris came back with a beautiful idea about two characters being visually disconnected and melded together using mad CGI. Michael loved it and we loved it, so Michael and Jules started pulling together actors, camera operators, lighting and a full green screen studio. I have no idea how they managed it (with almost no budget) but they did, and the video was shot in one very busy day.

In the end the mad CGI didn’t happen, but editor Syd Harvey took the footage and came up with an amazing (and wonderfully musical) edit that perfectly suits the song.

The We Had video is on Bandcamp and YouTube and we’re very proud of it. 🎵