An accidental masterpiece of tape label marketing

On Friday we’re releasing our second tape. We’ve been working on this one for ages – we started talking to Michael Fox about recording some music with him soon after we met him at one of the private screenings of Burn Burn Burn, which was apparently released in 2015!

We didn’t start working together right away, but we kept in touch and eventually began to write and record with Michael towards the end of last year. Once we had a few rough mixes of songs we started talking about how to release them and the conversation eventually came around to the idea of starting a label.

It’s not easy to promote music that we were so closely involved in making. It… Wait. Who am I kidding? This EP is amazing and everyone should buy it! We still love listening to it even after all the versions and sessions and mixes and tweaks, so it must be good.

Whether or not you’re into tapes (and if you are, be quick – they’re almost sold out) please consider shelling out for a digital copy. We’re trying to do some pretty ambitious stuff at a ridiculously small scale and every person who buys a copy is directly supporting not only the artist but also Beanie Tapes and by extension the whole world of independent music, which we think is an incredibly worthwhile cause.

This blog post didn’t start as a heart-string-tugging masterpiece of tape label marketing, but I guess that’s where it ended up so I’d better give you a link.

Hear, Like, Buy. 🎵