“Oxford Boombox” – your new favourite Spotify playlist

Streaming is killing music. Playlists are destroying the album. Spotify is an evil empire. Play counts are all fake. Nobody even likes music any more. We’re all doomed.

Agreed! But Grimes says that’s just “the price of doing business in america”. So we put our headphones on, ignored the apocalypse, made a fresh pourover in our ironic KEEP CALM mug and assembled a frankly spectacular Spotify playlist.

This isn’t some sneaky marketing ploy to boost our stats. I’m convinced that Spotify success is as empty and soul-destroying as history’s other great music industry success models. But until Bandcamp decides to do get into the playlist game, Spotify is the only sensible place to put them. And if we can help a few other bands to achieve the own empty, soul-destroying success that they’ve been trained to crave then we’re happy to help!

The playlist is called Oxford Boombox:

The Beanie Tapes playlist. Songs that we’ve bought on cassette and can’t forget, and tunes from some of our favourite Oxford bands. It’s music for outsiders. Yes, we’re aware that streaming playlists are causing the downfall of modern society. We’re just trying to sell a few tapes before The End.

Our favourite Oxford bands are in there (Premium Leisure, Self Help, Lucy Leave) as well as tunes from some of our favourite tape cassette-releasing bands (Fuvk, Beverley Tender, Germany Germany, Anna Burch), many of which you can find in our Truck Store tape rack.

I’ve been listening to it and tweaking it for weeks and I think some of you will love it. Some won’t. I’m not going to try to second guess which camp you’re in – you can figure that out for yourself.

I’m going to suggest that you follow the playlist, because from time to time we discover great new tapes and excellent Oxford bands, and when that happens we’ll find a place for them in this list. We’ll probably prune it occasionally too, so it’s always in a state that we’d be happy to blast out of the boombox on a sunny day.

Thanks (as always) to Léa for the artwork. We love it.

Check out Oxford Boombox on Spotify.