Beanie Tapes: the story so far (aka. How did we get so busy?)

We’re juggling lots of plates in the fire at the moment (to mix three clichéd business metaphors) – it’s exciting but my goodness it’s also hectic!

The story so far: we released Premium Leisure’s EP (BEANIE001), we made a music video, the single hit the Amazing Radio Top 40, we put on a 3-week residency at The Library and sold out of tapes.

Then we released Michael Fox’s EP (BEANIE002), we made a music video and sold out of tapes the day before release. We recorded the piano/vocal tracks for his next EP at Abbey Road.

We‘re working with Max Blansjaar to get his EP (BEANIE003) mixed and mastered. He recorded it all on the school computer (he’s 15) and term finished a few weeks ago, so he keeps having to sneak back in to run off stems.

We’re making plans for Cassette Store Day on 13 October, which may well include a special release (BEANIE004) and some sort of event…

We’re talking to Jordan O’Shea about the launch plan for his EP (BEANIE005) and Léa is working on the artwork with him.

Oh, and we’re trying to finish recording the Candy Says EP (BEANIE006) before we go away next week.

I’ll leave you with another terrible business cliché: you don’t have to be crazy to work here but it helps.