Cassette Store Day!

October 13th 2018 is International Cassette Store Day. It’s like Record Store Day, but good.

And of course, we’re getting involved! All sorts of indie labels around the world are releasing special tapes, and putting on events to celebrate tapes, record stores and independent music. The CSD people (it’s all run by volunteers from indie labels) are listing all the releases and events on their website and promoting the whole thing.

The final release list (just published) includes two new Beanie Tapes cassettes! The first is Max Blansjaar’s début EP Spit It Out! – the finest bedroom indie punk pop record we’ve heard for ages, recorded at school by 15-year-old Max. Pre-orders will be online in a couple of weeks…

The second is a special limited edition mix tape of Oxford bands that we’re calling Continuous Play. The track listing is top secret for now, but we’ve included tracks from all our favourite Oxford bands and it is shaping up to be an incredible (and long!) compilation.

To tie it all together we’re putting on a Cassette Store Day gig/party at Truck Store! Max will be playing a live set to mark his EP launch, and we’ll be announcing more acts over the next few weeks. The Continuous Play mix tape will only be available from Truck Store on the day, but we’ll reserve a few copies to sell online too for those poor souls who can’t make it to Oxford on the day.

So save the date (Saturday 13 October) and we’ll see you there! Bring Your Own Boombox.