Continuous Play: Side A track list revealed!

We spent ages putting together this Cassette Store Day mix tape of Oxford bands, and we can finally start to share the fruits of our labour. The tape features 19 bands, and today we’re revealing the first 10: the track listing for Side A.

It’s a heck of a mix and we’re very grateful to all the bands for agreeing to be involved!

  1. Self Help – Daydreams
  2. Lucy Leave – Look // Listen
  3. Jack Goldstein – Lovely Time/2017
  4. Gaz Coombes – The Oaks
  5. Max Blansjaar – You’re Always On My Mind
  6. Jordan O’Shea – Aurelia
  7. Premium Leisure – Water Pistol
  8. Hello Le Moon* – Auto Harp
  9. Mother – LA
  10. Candy Says – Crave Easy

Hello Le Moon is a brand new band and they don’t have anything online yet

The tape will be released in a numbered limited edition of 50, and each band gets one so really there will only be 30 for sale. There’s no pre-order – the only way you can get your mitts on one is to head down to Truck Store at 6pm on Saturday 13 October (Cassette Store Day). First come, first served! You’ll also get to see some of the featured bands playing live, as well as a full EP launch set from Max Blansjaar.

We’ll be announcing the Side B track list on Monday. Place your bets now!