Continuous Play: Side B track list revealed!

Cassette Store Day is fast approaching (it’s this Saturday!) and it’s finally time to reveal the full track listing of our Continuous Play mix tape. I’m sure you’ve been lying awake at night desperately trying to figure out who’s on Side B. How could we possibly match such a stellar Side A?

If Side A was the party, this side is the bit after most people have gone home and just your good friends are sitting around on sofas finishing off the bottle and chatting into the small hours. It’s the wise and sensitive older sister to Side A’s playful and energetic younger brother. You get the picture.

So here it is! The track listing is complete, and you can see it in all its glory on Discogs, where it’s featured as an official CSD UK release on their Cassette Week page.

Side B

  1. Catgod – Heartbeat In My Hand
  2. Michael Fox – Love You Like I Do
  3. Rosie Caldecott – Inside Out
  4. Abnormal Projection – Waves
  5. The August List – Petrified Forest
  6. Dolly Mavies – Distance
  7. Death Of The Maiden – Soldier
  8. BE GOOD – It’s Cool But It Ain’t You
  9. Tiger Mendoza – Sunday

Continuous Play won’t be available to pre-order online, you can only buy it in person at the Truck Store CSD 2018 event on Saturday, where five of the bands from the mix tape will be playing and Max Blansjaar will be launching his EP with a full live set.