Max Blansjaar EP release ✨

Max Blansjaar – “Spit It Out!” (BEANIE002) is now officially released. You can buy the digital version on Bandcamp. It’s also on Spotify and iTunes / Apple Music, but a Bandcamp purchase is always the best way to support Max – more money goes to him and it helps people discover his music in a much more personal and direct way.

The cassette version sold out online a week ago (thanks everyone who pre-ordered!), but we have a few spare copies that we’ll be selling down at Truck Store this evening when Max plays his launch show. So if you missed out, come on down and grab one. Or… you could go to Paris where the infuriatingly cool record shop Balades Sonores has a couple of copies (look – there’s even photo proof). Or… head to Lion Coffee + Records in Clapton, where you might find a single solitary copy of “Spit It Out!” if it hasn’t been snapped up already.

Discogs did a great week-long cassette feature this week, with some fun and fascinating tape-related blogs and featured Max’s release in the official Cassette Store Day UK list. You can see “Spit It Out!” on Discogs – nobody is selling it yet. :)

This tape has been such fun to put together. Max is a super cool kid and incredibly industrious. He even managed to get himself into the Dutch indie charts (in at number 38, climbed to 35 this week!), for which we take no credit at all. We’ve heard rumours that he has started writing the next EP, and we’re seriously excited to hear it. Onwards and upwards!