The Candy Says EP will be a physical-only release.

The new Candy Says EP You Are Beautiful; We Are All Beautiful comes out on Thursday, and we’ve decided to give it a physical-only release. We’ll be selling the tape at our Beanie Tapes Residency gigs and in Truck Store, but it won’t be available for sale (or streaming) online.

It’s getting harder and harder to sustain an independent music scene, and we’ve always found that getting people together in real life is what keeps the fire burning. Truck Store is the heart of the Oxford music scene and we want people to go there and buy music (and coffee – lots of coffee). The residency gigs back in June and the International Cassette Store Day gig brought together a lot of like-minded indie kids and felt great. We want more of that.

So we’re going with a tape-only release. There are download codes in the tapes and they are absolutely gorgeous, so there is no valid excuse for not buying one.

Candy Says also has a loyal and incredible group of subscribers on Bandcamp who give them actual money every year, and have been incredibly patient over the last five years as they’ve released almost nothing. They’re going to get the EP now too.

But if you’re a streamer, a lurker, a casual listener, you can wait until next year. We’ll put it online some time in 2019 and appease the press gods with some clever marketing and playlist payola. We may even book a tour!!!

Convenience is the enemy of independent culture. Tapes are back.