Jordan O’Shea album review in Oxfordshire Music Scene

The new issue of OMS is out, and there’s a great review of Jordan’s This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things. The magazine is published as a PDF online (what is it with people putting things out in awkward formats? :) so here’s an easier-to-find-and-read version:

Here’s the rub about Jordan O’Shea, who has released his new LP on a limited run of 30 cassettes (as well as Spotify etc) - before you even stick it in the tape machine of your gorgeous vintage car you can hold the cassette in your hand and admire the cover. The singer, I presume, is rendered in red and orange in a superb Francis Bacon smear of promise. A promise, as it happens, fulfilled.

Lyrically here an artist who pays progressive attention to their own lyrical content. Musically, you discover someone who is melodic in all the right places, and sparse where sparse is deserved. What you are really holding in your hands is the 80s mixtape you forgot to play for three decades, with a sprinkle of Beck and a dash of Talulah Gosh with testicles, and a splash of Arcade Fire. Jordan O’Shea is infectious. I didn’t skip a single track. It’s hard to, on tape. The Moon is her Blood is awkwardly poetic. The Burning House is relentless.

We’re back where indie meant indie. This is astonishing.

Agreed. If you haven’t been astonished yet, check it out!