Candy Says are “like a kind of reverse Gwen Stefani”, apparently.

The Spring 2019 issue of Oxfordshire Music Scene has a stylistically curious but very positive review of the new Candy Says EP. A “reverse Gwen Stefani”? Intriguing.

Half a dozen brand new sides from localsome, two part indie rock, one part alt-electronic, pop-istas Candy Says arrive on the coffee table. Your ears are instantly drawn to the full release of the winsome and exquisite Beautiful Feeling, which has garnered much recognition courtesy of the Close soundtrack (no Running Up That Hill, though?).

Aside from “the one that’s on Close”, Gravity is perplexing and enchanting all at once, sound-tracking its way into inventive, dark corders – like a kind of reverse Gwen Stefani with its lo slung electro r&b chasses. Crave Easy moto-throbs onwards; pure undiluted dancefloor juice complete with highly addictive melodies – a home win.

You Are Beautiful; We Are All Beautiful is that rare turn up for the books – a record by a local guitar (when they play live) band which really does sound like it was made this year, and not 20 years in the past.