Jack Goldstein is “Oxford’s answer to Age of Adz-era Sufjan Stevens”

The Spring 2019 edition of Oxfordshire Music Scene has a glowing review of Jack Goldstein’s new album:

On the release of his last album, we thought Jack Goldstein must be working his way through the Elton John songbook. This, the latest release from Oxford tape label Beanie Tapes, offers a perfect platform for Jack to showcase his skittish, inventive and melodic sample-driven pop. Here he seems to have left the 70s grandstanding behind and infused a touch of the Beach Boys with his old band Fixers.

He comes out of it sounding like Oxford’s answer to Age of Adz-era Sufjan Stevens. Cinque Ports is a case in point – with its buzzsaw guitars, rich, deep melodies and auto-tuned vocals. I’m not saying it could go on for half an hour like Stevens’ famous Impossible Soul, but when it ends you’re certainly left wanting more. Goldstein has worked incredibly hard at sample placement throughout this EP and it ultimately this ear for detail creates a world for the listener to disappear into – when Goldstein’s father appears partway through Dungeness to deliver a spoken word section you feel you’ve truly gone down the rabbit hole. A brilliantly rewarding listen full of twists and turns.