New artist: ✨EB✨


We’re always keeping an ear out for music that makes us jump out of our hammocks with excitement. We’re in no hurry to release music that isn’t our precise cup of tea, even if it’s really good. It has been a while since we found a new artist that passed the hammock test. I think Jack Goldstein set the bar extremely high. So we waited. And then…

Along came EB. I heard her track La Criox on the local BBC Intro show and jumped out of my hammock with excitement! It’s a stunner. Catchy? Check. Fun? Check. Clever, quirky, cool? Check, check, check. Postgraduate degree in the Neuroscience of Music? Check. Wears a beanie in promo photos? Check. We ❤️ it.

EB is a producer, DJ and songwriter based in Oxford and California. She has a first class honours degree in Audio Engineering and a postgraduate degree in the Neuroscience of Music, which must be why her songs are so catchy.

“I spent the past four years working in various administration and research roles and doubting that I would ever make it to having the music career I always wanted. Then I got over myself.” EB has finally left her desk job to pursue her vision, moving to California and writing a song about it – the infectious and curiously spelled La Criox.

EB tells us her music has been described as “a bit cooler than pop”. Agreed. “I write music for people who want to forget about their own problems for a minute and dance along to someone else’s expression of theirs. It’s not a new message, but my voice is new, and I hope one day to inspire an audience of people to go out and get what makes them happy, and to just be themselves.” We are totally on board with that mission, and can’t wait to help EB inspire and entertain the world.

So we asked EB if she wanted to release her first EP with us. Reader, she said yes. Expect a couple more epic singles over the summer, and an EP in the fall (a word that here means “autumn” – EB lives in Oxford and California so we’re adopting an appropriately transatlantic tone in our copywriting).

Please join us in welcoming EB to the Beanie Tapes club! You should follow her on Instagram (strong story game) or Facebook or Twitter.