Blansjaar you ready for this?

Sorry. That title is the product of a sleep-deprived mind. Jules is away this week shooting music videos and recording in Brighton so I’m solo parenting and trying to get three simultaneous tape releases lined up and ready to launch on Cassette Store Day. Instead of which I’m reading HI54LOFI’s latest blog post on Greta, the end of politics as we know it and the lameness of adults, listening to the new Remainiacs and ironing Hama beads.

One of those impending releases is Max Blansjaar’s new EP Fantasy Living, and that’s the one I’m thinking about right now. It feels like it’s Year of the Max or Maxvember or something – he’s everywhere!

Here he is on the cover of Oxfordshire Music Scene looking intense with some flowers:


Here he is inside talking about how “teenage angst” is a lazy review trope, tapes are a terrible way to make money and young people aren’t into Public Service Broadcasting (you can download and read the PDF over here):


Here he is again looking wistful in a greenhouse in the news section of Nightshift:


And again, enjoying a wonderful Nightshift review of his EP:


And yes, again. With a full “Introducing” feature:


I won’t screenshot every mention in the gig listings. Suffice to say there are plenty. Oxford may be a small city, but this boy is all over it.

Which is why I’m quite excited that we’re launching the preorder for Fantasy Living on Friday. We’ve been listening to this new EP for a while now and the lyrics, sounds and ideas that spew forth from the Blansjaar megamind are really quite amazing. If you don’t yet have tickets for his shows at Modern Art Oxford (this Friday, sold out), Deaf & Hard of Hearing Centre (this Sunday) or Ritual Union, you should probably fix that. Or come and see him play for free at his Truck Store EP launch on 12 October.

Return of the Max? I don’t know. I’m trying.