EB live session + interview on Beautiful Freaks

There’s a show on our local student radio called Beautiful Freaks. As far as we can tell it has been run single-handedly for years by eternal postgrad student Caspar Jacobs. Nobody knows what he’s studying, but in the weird and wonderful world of Oxford University he has managed to commandeer a broom cupboard full of broadcasting gear and he tirelessly records season after season of live shows, often featuring local bands and all archived on Mixcloud.

Why am I telling you this? Well, partly because it’s a commendable endeavour and should be celebrated. Let’s raise a glass to Caspar! And partly because our new friend EB was on the show yesterday.

In this first episode of the new season of Beautiful Freaks Radio, we live interview EB, an Oxford-based singer who’s just released an EP, Rodeo Queen, on Beanie Tapes. We chat about how she’s quit her job to pursue music, her background in Neuroscience and Music, as well as which indie film she’d have liked to have soundtracked. At the end, EB plays an acoustic version of ‘Tired’, a call to arms for everyone to be true to themselves.

It’s well worth listening, and the acoustic version of Tired is beautiful (there’s a video on Facebook).

EB’s tape is sold out, but you can still buy, stream and/or download the digital version on Bandcamp, Spotify, etc.