Fantasy Living is SOLD OUT!

BEANIE009 is sold out! We released Max Blansjaar’s second EP Fantasy Living a couple of weeks ago at our Cassette Store Day gig, and we just sold the last tape on Bandcamp. Another limited edition (50 beautiful tapes with classy O-cards) has left home and gone to live with its new friends. We’ll miss it, but at least we get the spare bedroom back now and it won’t keep borrowing the car and stealing fivers from the jar behind the toaster.

It’s nice to take a moment at times like these and consider how cool it is that people are still into bands, going to gigs and buying tapes. We were told it was all over, but iTunes has been and gone and the Cowley Road is still buzzing with gigs and bands and fans and plans for world domination. EB played one gig in Oxford and her tape sold out. Candy Says played the opening slot at Ritual Union and a couple of hundred people showed up. Things are going OK!

Apparently it took two years, a team of 16 people and the backing of the world’s largest tech company for Billie Eilish to be discovered on Soundcloud and convince everyone for another year that streaming is a viable future for music. We may not be able to compete with that (yet!!) but we’re going to keep pushing the music and musicians that we love and help them get their music into the ears of people who care.

If you want to support our little label, the new Continuous Play mix tape isn’t sold out yet – we made 100 so we could keep it in stock through into next year. Feel free to drop some coins in the coffer and listen to the current crop of excellent Oxford bands. Or just give us your email and download it for free. That’s helpful too.