A remix, a solo project and other sundry news items

I know everyone likes to know what the Beanies are up to, so here’s a quick round-up of the latest news…

Ben from Candy Says did a remix of Oxford band 31hours’ new single yo-yo, featuring an language learning tape, Low Island’s old organ and an inexcusable slap bass loop:

Jack Goldstein played a killer gig supporting Garden Centre in Oxford. 🤘

Max Blansjaar is hinting at a possible Christmas release. 🎅

EB was featured as Nightshift’s Top Track in November and Ronan’s pick of the week on Saturday’s BBC Intro show (18m30s). Her Instagram account has become sentient and is posting its own mysterious images. 🌗

Candy Says were awarded joint number one song of the year in Nightshift and are heading back to the studio this week to record more dream pop tunes. 💫

Julia from Candy Says has announced a new solo project – Julia Sophie, which Nightshift called “a cloistered four minutes of bubbling electro-pop… with a DNA lineage back to Laurie Anderson via FKA Twigs, Natasha Khan and Grimes”. Follow @juliasophiex0x on Instagram to hear the music first. 💕

Julia Sophie – x0x