Why run a tape label?

I walked down to the local post office this morning and sent a tape to someone I’ve never met. I spent a while packing it up last night in a padded envelope with a couple of badges, a sticker, a note. I rubber stamped a beanie at the top of the note – DIY headed notepaper. It felt great.

I spent the weekend making a project from a 70s hobby electronics magazine with my daughter. She picked and sorted components, insisted on lifting everything with tweezers and read numbers from the multimeter, but inevitably there were parts where I had to do a bunch of soldering that was too dangerous for her to help with. So we set up a tape player and she went through about forty tapes, playing the first minute of each before ejecting it and placing neatly in the “good” pile or the “bad” pile. Occasionally we decided we should listen to a whole side. I was reminded of a few albums I hadn’t heard for ages. We talked about music a lot. It felt great.

When I sat down to write this I picked up a tape I bought a while ago from Oof Records – Semi Sweet by Highnoon. I ordered it on a Bandcamp Friday and had only got around to listening to it once or twice. It’s an unassuming sort of album and it hadn’t found a place in my consciousness yet. But the tape was sitting there and looked like the right sort of thing for the moment. After a long day of home schooling and work it was a perfect change of scene. It felt great.

Why run a tape label? It feels great.