Beanie Tapes Residency

We’ve always liked the idea of the residency, where a band plays the same venue every week for a while. So we started putting on Beanie Tapes Residency shows at The Library in Oxford. The headline band plays three weeks in a row (usually a Thursday night) and we book different, unannounced support acts for each show.

The first Beanie Tapes Residency was in June 2018 with Premium Leisure headlining, and support from Indian Queens, Michael Fox, Self Help, Despicable Zee, Quartermelon and Lucy Leave. The second was in November 2018, with Candy Says headlining, and support from PETSEMATARY, Catgod, The Other Dramas, Bloom, Treana and Du Bellows. We filmed all the shows and we’ll gradually post videos here as we get around to editing them!